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Are you looking for freelance B2B Copywriting Services for your web content and improve your visibility by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?


Are you looking for a compelling sales copy that motivates prospects to buy your products or services? Need a persuasive landing page, squeeze page, or sales letter to highlight your value… not selling hype?


You need an Interactive Marketing Specialist that can target your specific customers by creating a relationship thru emails. It is known that the highest ROI is using email marketing and funnels. It is a rinse and repeat system that works very well. Is it the best option for your business?


If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place!

MJ Barrelet- B2B Web Copywriter

My B2B Copywriting services will help make your web pages SEO friendly and give you a better ranking in search engines. It’s all about communication and how to incorporate the right words to get the most value.

How to Find Your Future Clients

Converting prospects into buyers is not an easy task. This is where content comes in. But not any content… you have to know what magnetic words to use and where to place them to get the most ‘punch’. Content that is written to solve your client’s problems.

By working with a web copywriter like myself, you’ll know how to get your prospect’s attention. Also knowing when to connect with their emotional needs. In content, what you say makes a difference. But it’s how you communicate this message that will determine whether they consider your solutions…or that of your competitors.

SEO and Ranking

Knowing how to write for the web to attract and keep potential customers is not given to everyone. One must know how to use SEO (search engine optimization) to rank your site so that people will find you as they search Google.

Using your keywords within a certain strategy will rank your site on Google’s first page for that keyword. 

Browsing the Web for the B2B Markets

Today people search the web for information. They need to find good content in a quick and simple way. Even more so with B2B where content has to be to the point and found right away.

So people spend less time reading and more time browsing.

This is where headlines and subheads become invaluable. Only a well-trained copywriter will be able to strategically write them.

Also important is writing simple words that convey the right information. Otherwise, you might end up having miscommunication ending up something like this picture:

With clear communication, attaching an aerosol to a leveling device would never happen.
With clear communication, attaching an aerosol to a leveling device would never happen.

Rewriting your web page or creating a landing page that is persuasive but yet written with simple words, will maximize your conversions.

My B2B Copywriting Services

Here are some ways I’m able to help you:

    –> Finding solutions to your clients’ problems

    –> Creating crystal clear messages using useful targeted copy

    –> Introducing persuasive content

    –> Adding a strong headline and strategic subheads

    –> Researching and integrating relevant keywords

    –> Making your website SEO friendly and functional

    –> Using Interactive Marketing to build trust

My knowledge enables me to craft your content that’s on target, well written and works within your marketing plan.

–> Understand your audience, show how your product will benefit them;

I’ll then write your landing page or your direct response page.

–> Simplify your content to make a persuasive marketing sales letter.

–> Add value to your website through content/keyword placement;

I’ll write your web content for search engine optimization (SEO).

–> Attract new clients with an opt-in lead generation system;

I’ll produce an information booklet (free report) and email funnel.

–> Keep your customers within your reach with Social Media;

I’ll make your presence known on sites like Twitter.

As a result, your organization will have some well-crafted B2B marketing materials attracting new customers in record time.

Do you need anything else?

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See… You’ll find it easy to work with me for I’m adaptable, responsible and professional.

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