B2B Copywriting Portfolio

B2B Copywriting Samples

Great copywriters don’t try to sell you, instead, they describe a picture that is so compelling that it draws you in.

Here’s proof, from my B2B copywriting samples, that you can rely on me to write results-driven B2B content.

You’ll get persuasive writing that will inspire your clients to take action within your buying process. My work is always well researched, accurate and on time!


B2B Copywriting Samples

Please take a look at my B2B copywriting portfolio for samples of my B2B content and Copywriting skills.

I wrote these during my professional development programs and reviewed along with suggestions.


1)  Copywriting sample showcasing an e-newsletter for a trade show:

 Chill-o-Matic Trade Show

Comment from course instructor Steve Slaunwhite:

“You did a great job on this assignment. A few comments:
— I like the subject line. Clear and benefit focused.
— Your opening is compelling because you focus first on the prospect. Well done.
— Nice, conversational style throughout.
— Motivating call to action.
You did very good work here, Mary-Josee. You’re becoming an excellent copywriter. Don’t stop.”


2)  Direct response landing page inviting professional web design firms to attend a free webinar on how to improve their proposal template.

Creating Proposals that Work


3)  E-newsletter Ad offering a free 9-page white paper to a sales team to increase scheduled appointments with VP’s.

E-Newsletter Ad


4)  Email B2B Sales letter to Landscape Entrepreneurs – describing an audience and their pain points.

B2B Sales Letter – Email for Landscape Contractors


5)  Sales Letter Invitation – enticing prospects to come to a location.

Invitation Sales Letter – Restaurant Willow Inn



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